About Previse

Previse Skincare revolutionizes skin typing. Our evaluation utilizes patient genetics and behavior to determine optimal regimens to keep the body’s number one organ healthy, fit, resilient, and glowing.

Founder and CEO, Sean Patrick Harrington, “Many people are unknowingly making their skin sick. Excessive UV exposure and use of aggressive ingredients damage the dermis. We know there’s more to skin than oily, dry, combination and problematic considerations. Working with our medical experts we evaluate over eleven key characteristics, including baseline melanin, geographic location and skin care history to determine our client’s optimal regimen.”

The company prides itself on apothecary products, which are designed by nature and customized by skin type. “In today’s competitive market people want to know they are being treated personally: special. We personalize Previse for each client. We are the only skin care brand that considers the individual as opposed to a broad demographic,” says Harrington.

nature and nurture
our mission is to exceed client skin care needs each and every day

At Previse, we put in all the goodies and keep out the baddies to ensure freshness in our wholesome, hand-crafted, small-batch products. We customize our products to meet the particular needs of your skin type.

The wonder of the natural world around us is astonishing. Previse members are physically active and environmentally concerned. Previse members share our passion for prevention. In today’s increasingly complicated and uncertain world we created exceptional skin care recipes to promote overall skin health. We offer easy solutions to common, everyday challenges, and take care to not disrupt the environment we all live in.

At Previse, we nurture you and your skin by keeping out the baddies. Baddies are various ingredients we have spent years researching that either show tendency to be a carcinogen or the science is inconclusive. We also refuse to use any ingredient that comes from non-sustainable sources, or is otherwise harmful to our ecosystem.

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